Bridging A Better Way Forward For Divorcing Couples

Issues that personally affect you and your family can be stressful and highly emotional. When it comes to matters involving your finances or the amount of time you spend with your children, disagreements are fairly common and often require the involvement of a third party to sort out.

Many spouses in Massachusetts who choose to divorce or separate aim to do so in a constructive and respectful manner. For these individuals, mediation serves as an attractive alternative to a traditional divorce or custody battle where major decisions with regard to the distribution of marital property and parenting time and visitation are made by a judge and the courts.

The Mediation Process

Through the mediation process, divorcing spouses come together to discuss, negotiate and finalize the terms of a divorce including property, support and parenting issues. When successful, mediation allows spouses to maintain more control over the outcome of their divorce. It also provides for opportunities to find creative solutions when dividing property and figuring out matters related to their children.

Our role in the mediation process is to help parties come to a fair and reasonable solution to what is often a difficult and confusing process. As a mediator, we do not act as a traditional family law attorney or represent either party individually, but rather provide information to help each spouse understand the issues at hand and the related financial and legal considerations. The goal is to procure an agreement that both spouses consider to be fair and mutually beneficial. Once a final agreement is reached, we draft all of the necessary documents to file and finalize your divorce.

Learn More About How To Mediate Your Divorce

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